The Nephilim. . .

     The Nephilim there were also. They were giants. And man was as a grasshopper in their eyes.


     But the Nephilim noticed the fairness of the many colored daughters of man were like “Hell, yeah!” and came into them, mingling and enjoying them.

     Thus mighty children were born. Legends of renowned skill. Now these mighty ones moved about the earth also. And an age of debauchery and abandon began, and it was good.

     But ‘She who banishes’ liked not the way men’s daughters and the Nephilim merged.

     She perceived the wickedness of the time and was sorry She’d sneezed. Yet, within the corruptness She perceived a light in the east.

*   *   *

      “Noah,” Cain raised his son high. “You shall relieve us of the curse ‘She who banishes’ has placed on our peoples.”

*   *   *

     And it was true. She saw the light of Noah and took pity on him.

*   *   *

     When Noah was around five-hundred years old ‘She who banishes’ spoke to him.

     “I think I’ll blot your race from the earth. And just for the hell of it, all the rest of it too. Sorry I am I sneezed this into being.”

     And Noah looked up, “What the hell was that? This is crazy. I’m hearing voices. Are the kids here?”

     But ‘She who banishes’ made Her presence known.

     And Noah fell off the chaise lounge to his knees, spilling his iced tea.

     “Now hearken me, Noah.” She began. “Amongst all your kind, you alone do I deem righteous and blameless in your generation. I will destroy this world. But,” She shrugged. “you and your family I spare.”

     And Noah kissed Her feet.

     “Now, you must build an ark! Here’s how you make it.”

     And ‘She who vanishes’ handed Noah a roll of blueprints. But Noah unrolled them and was mystified.


    She who banishes’ sighed, perturbed, and poked him in the forehead.

     “There, now you can read them. The ark must have a roof if you wish to survive. And three decks with chambers for the animals.”

     “Animals?” said Noah.

     And ‘She who banishes’ responded “Yes. Seven pairs, male and female, of the clean animals and, oh one pair of the dirty ones. Keep them alive with you.”

     “I thought you said you’d spare us?! Now I gotta build an… um….”

     “Ark.” She said.

     “Right! An Ark! Why do I gotta do this? And how am I supposed to gather all these animals?” Noah asked.

     “They will come to you. Every animal on this ball of mud knows I’m fucking pissed. This is their only chance to survive. The flood I’m thinking of…. oh yeah.”

     A hundred years passed. Without tools, or enough people Noah built the ark and waited.